Meet Master Gopali

Alex Gopali is a singing bowl master who was born and raised in Makawanpur, Nepal. As a boy, he was trained in the family tradition of sound healings, which began when his grandfather, a spiritual master, taught him the foundations of humming, chanting, and harmony.

After becoming a Saint Petersburg resident, Alex began to share Himilayan sound healings, as well as authentic hand made crafts, clothing and jewelry. Then he returned to Nepal to further study with a master singing bowl healer.

Alex is authentic. His background and training are gifts to anyone he works with.” -Christy Brown

Returning to us as a singing bowl master in his own right, Alex now offers a wide range of sound healings, including work with Seven Chakra Healing Singing Bowls – as well as certifications and workshops. Meet Alex in his shop in downtown Saint Petersburg and experience the magic of the Himalayas.