About Us

Here at Gopali Imports you’ll find a rich resource of authentic Himalayan handmade clothing, jewelry and crafts – as well as many wonderful choices for sound healing provided by Master Gopali.

“Going to Alex’s wonderful shop is a treat for the senses, I always feel energetic and happy afterwards.” -Lex Mathews

The powerful influence of the Himalayas on the people who live in her embrace is clear to anyone enchriched by their traditional family centered arts, crafts and sound healing, all of which is part of the areas rich cultural heritage.

“My grandfather made baskets, shoes, mats, and other items by hand. My mother and aunts made beautiful handmade winter and summer clothes. I honor their tradition and artistry by selling only authentic Himalayan items.”

At Gopali Imports, you can experience the work of the Himalayan people with hand crafted, eco friendly hemp products, cotton products, Nepali paper products, Singing Bowls, yoga accessories, silver jewelry and more, all created by the people of the Himalayan region and imported directly to the shop.

The indigeounous people of the Himalayas have an ancient and rich cultural heritage which is threatened by globalization and the natural loss of resources for animals and humans. Your purchase of the arts and crafts created with centuries old traditions mean as they can support themselves and their families. In this way, ancient languages, dialects, ways of life, music, traditions and family structures can be sustained.

By supporting indigenous arts and crafts, Himalayan families can find alternatives to destructive exploitation of habitat and wildlife, thus helping preserve natural ecosystems. The snow leopards recovery from the brink of extinction can be directly traced to the international support of Himilayan families who can now make a living from handmade goods rather than killing snow leopards for thier hides.

The people of the Himalayas are renowned for their strength and stamina. They are also well known for their gentle and supportive family structures, leading to what outsiders describe as a spiritually rich and cheerful way of life.

Perhaps the most valuable contribution your purchase makes is to celebrate the dignity of a unique people who carve out culturally rich lives, despite living in one of the harshest areas on the planet.